Lately we’ve seen an increase in stress levels among employees when it comes to home office, social restrictions and on-going video calls that we have all been dealing with. Therefore it’s important to connect with nature once in a while. Hybrid workforce could lead to higher stress levels and employees losing their social skills.

Implement ecoRetreat in your hybrid workforce strategy!

Tailor-made packages

All of our retreats will take place in beautiful eco-accommodations close to nature. Our retreats focus on connecting with nature, while still being productive when it comes to projects. All of our accommodations have beautiful co-working spaces to do so.

We offer a wide range of amazing nature based activities to take a break from work, to focus on yourself or to increase the team spirit. Attending local cooking classes, get educated about environment, actively contribute to sustainable development of the region (e.g. cleaning beached) or learning how to use local products effectively are just a few activities we can offer.

We offer tailor-made retreats, to ensure all employees will return to their home office with a sense of purpose and the feeling they gave something back to nature, while reducing stress levels and a big smile.

Working outside ecoRETRAET
Working outside ecoRETRAET
Working Outside - ecoRETREAT
Working Outside - ecoRETREAT

ecoRetreat will become an essential part of a company culture to raise employee engagement, create a healthy and balanced team spirit and teach your employees how to manage stress while living a healthy lifestyle.

Your benefits

We can organize a one-time ecoRetreat or series of retreats where you can send all your employees in small units week after week. We could even create a part-time nature office where you can send all over the year your employees to recharge the batteries – everything is possible!


ecoRetreat as part of your company strategy

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