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Our company mission is to exceed expectations

Our philsophy is based on ecological principals trying to help to make the world better: not just for the companies we work with, but also for local economy, the people involved and the environment we operate in.

We believe are in a very good position to simulate and promote green thinking in the context of tourism. Therefore, our eco-work-retreats encourage deep connections between work and nature. We believe that working and relaxing close to nature, will not only enhance productivity, team spirit and motivation for the employees, but also has a positive impact on sustainability, the local economy and communities.

In order to achieve that, ecoRetreat works closely with eco-accommodations and natural parks in northern Catalunya, aswel as fostering cooperations with local sustainable projects. EcoRetreat offers the perfect work retreat, where you and your colleagues have the chance to contribute to the sustainable development of the Catalonian region. We are positive that our retreats assists in protecting the environment and generating value for the local communities and with your ecoRetreat we invite you to be part of it!

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