Gather your team for a revitalizing ecoRetreat and give them the chance to recharge, bond, and reignite motivation!

In a world where the frantic pace of work, multiple responsibilities, and constant technological connection subject us to high levels of stress, it is crucial to recognize the direct impact this has on productivity and quality of life. This stress can also negatively affect work dynamics and the social skills of teams.

That’s why it’s crucial to focus on connecting with nature, promoting healthy and sustainable habits, and fostering cohesion among team members to strengthen both work and personal relationships.

Tailor-made packages

All our retreats take place in beautiful eco-friendly accommodations surrounded by nature.

The aim is to promote both individual and group quality time. All of our accommodations include co-working areas equipped with wifi and resources for workshops that facilitate the execution of business projects.

We also offer various outdoor activities perfect for clearing the mind, finding inspiration, and strengthening team spirit. Among them are mindful eating classes featuring local products, environmental conservation initiatives, and active involvement in the region’s sustainable development.

We personalize the retreat according to your needs. We ensure that your team returns to their routine feeling renewed and fulfilled, having learned and enjoyed to the fullest!

Working outside ecoRETRAET
Working outside ecoRETRAET
Working Outside - ecoRETREAT
Working Outside - ecoRETREAT

EcoRetreat strengthens team commitment and promotes a collaborative and sustainable spirit.

Join the evolution of corporate culture by adopting a wellness approach and a healthy work environment with ecoRetreat.

Discover how this initiative can positively transform your company and the wellbeing of your team!

Your benefits


ecoRetreat as part of your company strategy

Employee engagement

Enhance sustainability and ecological values

Healthy lifestyle

Guide your team towards healthy habits and a balanced lifestyle

Stress management

Learn best ways to support your employees with strategies to mitigate stress

Explore other possibilities with ecoRETREAT

  • Implement ecoRETREAT into your work dynamics in a scalable or consistent manner.
  • We tailor the experience for executive groups, partners, and other clients or new teams.
  • Explore in more depth the topics covered in sustainability and wellbeing workshops through additional training online.

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